Frankie Malabé

No one has played the drum kit, the drum set with more wisdom and originality than Frankie Malabé!
Creating Paths of Unimagined Rhythmic Maîtrise.
His influences will enrich drumming well into this century!

Winston Robert Grennan
An Ambassador From the New Nations
Filled The Universe with New Rhythm Contemplations

With his interpretations of the earth heartbeat
Winston Grennan inspired visions of more than
A few Uplet Rudiments complete! .

Yim Hok-man

.David Starobin

Many elevating contemporary composers have chosen guitarist David Starobin
as an unprecedented player performing definitive and prized presentations of their worksAn instrumentalist of unrivaled technical skill,
a brilliant musician providing unique dimensions
introducing very valued music.Bridge Records


Tod Machover

“America’s most wired composer”
                               — LA Times

Chatur Lal

With his astonishing influential “Sound”, on his solo vinyl lp
The Drums of India

World Pacific 1961 (rereleased Liberty Records 1968),
Chatur Lal introduced the world to The Tabla in their foundation.
In challenging dimensions of solo mastery, “instructive” verbal vocals… inscribing Tabla syllables in expatiated narrations over the arrangement of stationary phrases performed by Ram Narayan on Sarangi…SIDE 1: Teen Tal – 16 BITS   SIDE: 2 Rupak Tal – 7 BITS + Jaiy Tal – 13 BITS

Pandit Chatur Lal was the First!


Pandit Chatur Lal and Pa Pa Joe Jones

Frank Arsenault

Enduring, beyond doubt, as the most significant of
Contemporary American Rudimental Drummers
for his detail-by-detail expertise with the comprehensive traditions of the
26 Standard American Drum Rudiments
Frank Arsenault amalgamates with, merged with history’s guardians of authentic, reliable content and apt practice. Though never translating the rudimental range with original architecture like John S. Pratt or Mitch Markovich Arsenault nonetheless chronicled the accessible 26 Standard with sharp procedure adaptability, creating proficiency criteria—benchmarks—for generations of drummers. This manner of reinforcing the basics is still one required hands development medium. Arsenault recorded the handy 26 Standard plus impressive well-established rudimental solos. There are no remastered CDs of this unparalleled, prizewinning vinyl recording available at this time.

Donovan Young
Associate Professor ISyE
Georgia Institute of Technology
An Awesome Professor, Musician, Individual,
one of the most creative people ever energizing
Space and Time!

Donovan Young Textbooks
* Modern Engineering Economy *
* Industrial Engineering FE/EIT Exam Prep *

The Uplet Rudiments ™
by Aneurin Nicostratus III
Copyright © 1980 and 1981
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